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Barksdale Pressure Switch
Barksdale Pressure Switch DIT-M3SS-LV 200mm/H20. This is used on Hamworthy and KangRim IGG / IGS Systems
G36 Oxygen Analyser
Designed for harsh and stressful marine environment. High sensor stability with full temperature control
Marine Demister
We can customise the demisters to suit your needs.
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Specialised Marine and Offshore Equipment

Goh IGS & Automation Pte Ltd (GIA) was formed in 2001 as an Inert Gas System powerhouse by one of the most experienced Inert Gas System engineers from a Norwegian IG maker.

Over the years, we have further developed ourselves as the official service partner for other marine and offshore equipment makers, focusing on specialised and complicated equipment that requires dedicated and experienced professional care.

With our experienced technical team and our ISO9001 certified processes, GIA is qualified as an effective after-sales service partner for many important marine and offshore equipment brands.

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